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The Beginning

on April 12, 2012

So anyway… here’s my first blog post.

I love to write but I prefer to not write about myself.  Stories spin in my head and I know they develop from the millions of experience tendrils, but hey–I like to think they sprout on their own.  That being said here’s a tiny retrospective.  It may be a solo event.

I started out as a poor reader.  Elementary school was a fun place except when we were forced to read.

I know, I know.  You can’t learn without reading but I was an ‘A’ student in everything but.  I checked out more books than others so that I would look like I was a reader.  I pretended that I was done, when sharing a text book with another student, just to hide the fact that I was a super slow reader.  My comprehension was minimal but my imagination was amazingly accurate.  Once I received a B+ for a skit I wrote, supposedly based on my research of the explorer La Salle.  It was an exciting play but I was shocked and relieved when my skit, loosely based on the pirate movie I’d watched over the weekend, turned out to have enough similarities that my teacher was delighted.  I loved to write and I loved imagination.  (Of course that’s still true.)  Sometimes, whew, they pulled me out of deep crevices.

So anyway… I survived elementary school but my reading needed help.  It took a while before I discovered that if I wanted to enjoy those pirate stories, great imaginary places, and write about even more, I’d have to improve my reading.

Reading and writing are welded together; inseparable for the better.  As a writer, boy am I glad I became a reader, too.


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