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Say, “cheese”

It’s always exciting when a new book is “in the pipeline.”  But there’s that photo.  I just want it to look like me in the best possible pose.  Vanity, vanity. I make it more painful (to my id) than it is.

I’m happy to say the pain is over; mostly due to an amazing photographer, Susan Henry.  She took some shots that are close to my mirror viewpoint and yet won’t give folks a shock when they see me in person.  Thank you, Susan.

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Back in the saddle

It’s a beautiful day in Texas!  Just enough sun.  Just enough blue sky and just enough breeze.  I’m looking at my patio and fish pond thinking, “What a great writing place.”

Mondays are the best days for me to get back in the saddle and write, write, write.  Right?  I’ll turn on some of my favorite music and take this old laptop outside.  Yep, and  like movie soundtracks the best for writing.  They are designed for drama, excitement, intrigue and with that atmosphere all I need is a hot Chai latte.

I’m ready to ride and that’s my kind of transportation.  (get it?  transported into a different world; a world of imagination)

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