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Enjoy–Reading (Shh! and writing)

‘Cause it’s true.  I mean it.  If you read you can write.  The basics?  Well sure.  In all things we have to learn by trusting a teacher that they know what they are teaching.  Then we practice the information and it becomes a part of us.

Well, it’s the same for reading and writing.  You learn the letters; shapes and what they stand for.  Then you are taught how they go together.  That leads to writing and reading, reading and writing.

They go together.

We may not start out wanting to write but if we read, it’s going to be there for us.  We may think that reading is  that important or fun (at first) but if you want to drive, read a menu, learn how to set up a video game or play it (or in my case E-mail my son or daughter to talk me through it), you have to be able to read.

Did you catch that last run-on sentence?  Yep, I had to be able to “write” an E-mail.  Even texting requires both.

So enjoy the reading on every level and … happy writing. 🙂

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My Brain?

One of the best things about being a writer is that you have the freedom to write what you are able to pull out of your head.

One of the worst things about being a writer is that you have to pull something out of your head.

I know, I know.  This all seems a bit whinny for someone who doesn’t have to literally punch a clock.  Well, I agree.  Except I don’t get paid unless my work appeals to someone else.

Hmmm.  My brain; someone else has to like my words be entertained.

Thank goodness I’m not on a clock.

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Howdy, It’s the day after Veteran’s Day

And another thing…
Flags were flying yesterday and there were parades.  Thank goodness!  But don’t forget, everyday is Christmas to the Christian.  We should be thankful for everyday, not just one day a year with a turkey.  For the romantic Valentine’s Day is anytime you are thinking about your one-and-only.  So too we should show our gratitude daily to those who have preserved our freedom.
Men and women who serve in the military are thinking of our country before themselves.  How often do we do that?  They give up wearing whatever they want all the time for donning the symbol or our liberty–their uniforms.  They train and stay in shape to be ready for an emergency–our emergencies.  How often do we exercise for someone else’s benefit.
You get the idea.  That’s why we say they are selfless.
When we see an uniformed person it is nice to say thank you.  They know what you mean.  My mother used to say that you must send a thank you note within 10 days or you might as well forget it.  That may be polite but in reality, thanks are retroactive.  It’s never too late to say it.
They are also “pre-service.”  If you say thank you now they might just remember it in the future, even when things are really tough.
And that’s the point.  These citizens have a tough job, and by choice.  The military, police, firemen, border patrol, US Marshals, Texas Rangers (I’m a Texan, after all) and so many others are doing a job that most of us couldn’t or wouldn’t choose to do.  They are going to have tough times and decisions.  Those decisions are based on their respect for authority, their training and their own personal integrity.  The way we help is to reflect their dedication and say thank you.
The other way to help them is through prayer.  Like I said, their job is always tough, in battles or peacetime.  We can’t personally save them so prayers are what we can do.  Asking God to protect these heroes is easy and effective.  He knows how to help, perfectly.
Writing is easy.  Keeping the peace in a lawless world is not.
Thank you!
Happy Day-After-Veteran’s Day

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