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Enjoy–Reading (Shh! and writing)

on November 19, 2015

‘Cause it’s true.  I mean it.  If you read you can write.  The basics?  Well sure.  In all things we have to learn by trusting a teacher that they know what they are teaching.  Then we practice the information and it becomes a part of us.

Well, it’s the same for reading and writing.  You learn the letters; shapes and what they stand for.  Then you are taught how they go together.  That leads to writing and reading, reading and writing.

They go together.

We may not start out wanting to write but if we read, it’s going to be there for us.  We may think that reading is  that important or fun (at first) but if you want to drive, read a menu, learn how to set up a video game or play it (or in my case E-mail my son or daughter to talk me through it), you have to be able to read.

Did you catch that last run-on sentence?  Yep, I had to be able to “write” an E-mail.  Even texting requires both.

So enjoy the reading on every level and … happy writing. 🙂

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