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See-saw; Read-Write

Guess we’re almost into 2016.  Three more days and it’s time to write a new ending to our dates.  2016, 2016, 2016. Oh yah, 2016.

I hope the new year brings more literacy enlightenment.  I go to schools and conferences and hear expounding pleas and mandates to get everyone reading.  That’s great.  But where’s the other side of literacy.  You know, writing.

Merriam-Webster’s definition is:

noun lit·er·a·cy \ˈli-t(ə-)rə-sē\
the ability to read and write; knowledge that relates to a specified subject

use in a sentence-  His literacy on the Civil War came from reading the text book and was proved when he gave his report.

Reading and writing should be a balanced see-saw.  One part can go up or down, at times, but they are for the same goal.  It doesn’t work if one is always up or always down.

I am for more writing, of course.  I am a writer.  But I wouldn’t be, couldn’t be, without reading.  Reading gives a templet for writing.  When you learn and practice writing you can read better–identifying new words and usages.  I hope educators will not leave this out.  It would be great to have literacy spokespersons speak of both instead of skipping over one of the halves.

Reading and writing go together like ice cream and chocolate–great separate but even better together.  Literally.


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Happy Third Day of Christmas

For anyone who has lost track…this is “Three French Hens” day.  Yep, lot’s of cluck.

I’m loving the holiday time, now.  The tree–done.  The outside decorations–done.  Inside, well…yah, we can say done.  And now onto the cards.

If you are keeping track, it’s French Hens day and the post office says I need to have mailed my cards and packages by today.  Deadline, shmedline.

It doesn’t bother to me.  I’m enjoying the card thing (I love it) and I figure the cards will get there when they get there.  Like we say, it’s the thought that counts.  If you are on my list and don’t get your card by Christmas, Happy New Year.

Have a great “Four Calling Birds” day tomorrow.


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Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am

Every time I have a hard time getting myself to sit and write I think of two things.  I don’t have time and, what if I fail.

I need to get over this.  I have to spend time in my work or it is just a hobby.  (I don’t think of my writing as a hobby but I can turn it into one.)  My published books show that I have succeeded before.  So I need to apply the truth and not be lazy.

Now you’ve experienced me straightening myself out.



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Get a Sense of It

Don’t get me wrong.  I really like all seasons.  Each has its own special fun.  But, of course, there is something about the mandatory decorating and singing at this time of year.  It’s so great!

I find myself admiring the Christmas tree before I turn off the lights and eyeing the cards, received and to go out.

And don’t get me started on the food.  We have a bona fide pass on calories and sugar intake.  It’s not “just like Christmas”.  It’s Christmas.

This is a great time to dig into your memories and pull out a wonderful scene or story.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and grab that file from your brain filing cabinet.  Then go write it down or add to something you had long-since forgotten.

Yes, the smell of balsam, the shine of a star, the taste of gingerbread, the touch of a snowflake on your cheek and even the sound of a Christmas ball smashing on the floor…are all great memories to write.


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