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Eat Your Veggies

My favorite thing about Thursdays, besides Big Bang Theory and Elementary, is that it is a day I set aside for marketing and promotion.  What I mean is…I do my marketing and promotion but I don’t do it everyday.  It’s like eating spinach or fish–I like it but it’s not always my favorite.  I do these things for the benefit.

So, today was my beneficial day and tomorrow (and other days) I can write, write, write to my little heart’s content.



P.S.  The new book, Lone Star Legacy: The Texas Rangers Then and Now, is off to the printer.  Next stop, a book is born.  Can you see me smiling from here?  Do I have anything in my teeth?



Looks like another beautiful day in Texas.  If you ever want to get great writing ideas for hope, joy, nature or adventure, come to Texas.  If you are already here–soak it in.

The Lord gives His grace in many forms.  Texas is one.

Like the early settlers from Tennessee and other states proclaimed, GTT (“Gone To Texas”).  They painted these letters on doors of homes they left behind.  Some carved them into trees they passed on the way.  These people had confident expectations ahead and they let others know.

You don’t have to tag stuff but if you are not in the Lone Star State, come.  Then judge for yourself.

Happy Writing


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