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Eat Your Veggies

on February 25, 2016

My favorite thing about Thursdays, besides Big Bang Theory and Elementary, is that it is a day I set aside for marketing and promotion.  What I mean is…I do my marketing and promotion but I don’t do it everyday.  It’s like eating spinach or fish–I like it but it’s not always my favorite.  I do these things for the benefit.

So, today was my beneficial day and tomorrow (and other days) I can write, write, write to my little heart’s content.



P.S.  The new book, Lone Star Legacy: The Texas Rangers Then and Now, is off to the printer.  Next stop, a book is born.  Can you see me smiling from here?  Do I have anything in my teeth?

2 responses to “Eat Your Veggies

  1. Lone Star Legacy! Hurrah! Yes you are smiling (I think I see some spinach choe-chee)

    • You keep me energized. Thanks for noticing my special smile. If you are still hame for the hotel sharing at TLA time, let me know what I can do to pay back the deposit, and etc? All is well with Sherry, and she suggested dinner on Wed. or Thurs. Do you think that would work? I know you will give it to me straight. I’m excited to hear all the Kelly news. Love ya.

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