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I Heart My Job

On the other hand, I love what I do.

Yep, I love my job.  I don’t think of “job” as a bad word.  It is just a word I use to emphasize that my work is worth the pain, suffering, toil, trudge and, well…work.  It is my avocation.  It’s the right job for me; the write job.  It’s fun and it’s frustrating.  But what work/job/business isn’t at times?

So, I do what I love.

P.S.  The new baby is due tomorrow.  Lone Star Legacy: The Texas Rangers Then and Now, hasn’t come yet but very few newborns arrive on time. 🙂

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Hi-ho, Hi-ho. It’s Off to Vote We Go

No need to be worried if this person or that person gets a leg up or not on this “Super Tuesday.”  Voting is our right, our inherent freedom, our exercise of liberty.  Make your choice.  Vote!

But whoever gets the most votes, don’t fret and don’t put your total trust in that person.  The fate of our nation is in the omnipotent hands of the Lord and the faithfulness of the Christians who follow His Word; not that candidate.  The faithful provide a blessing to the country but they are not the power to overcome.  Even if everything goes to hell in a hen basket, He’s still there to catch the nation, the people, and everything else.

We can even whistle when we go to cast our vote, relaxed.  That’s because we know, He knows what will happen and has provided the solution already.  No matter what, no human will solve all the problems and no human can keep all those promises.  God can.

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