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on July 13, 2017

“I like this one.”

Those are the words that make me smile.  They are the words spoken from a child just as they pull a book from a library shelf.  The words say, the child has freedom of choice (and you know I love that).  But it also says that this books has a chance of bringing joy.

Okay, so something has sparked interest.  Either the cover (yep, get over it–books are judge, initially, by their cover), or the title, or a recommendation.

Cover:  As humans we love to look.  Most kids like vibrant colors and funky shapes.  A blue cat beats a brown one, every time, unless the brown one looks like an alien.

Title:  “An Officer in His Underwear,” will not grab anyone’s attention as much as, Captain Underpants.

Recommendation:  When someone you trust tells you, “This one is great,” or “I think you will like this one,” or “I loved it,” you know it is a sure thing.  Even kiddos appreciate a sure thing.

So I always try to have the trifecta work with my books.  CTR; Cover, Title, Recommendation = Read, Write, Laugh.


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