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Three Little Writers

on July 27, 2017

Writing a story is like building a place to live.  You want it to be a good place to live.

The Three Little Writers-

The first writer wrote her story quickly and left many things out that would make the story stronger.  It needed to make sense to more people than herself.

The second writer took more time and the story was better but the spelling and grammar were not checked. The main character did not solve the problem.  It had help.  This did not help the story.

The third writer took an idea, worked on it for a long time; went from first draft to better, to better, to “I give up”, to even better.  It was now good enough for an editor’s eyes.  She also took the time to investigate the right place and time to show her story.  It needed to have the right presentation and maybe an “agent”.

Now you might think that the editor is the big bad wolf, here.  Writers do think that at times, but really not.  The editor is the building inspector.  If the building meets all the specifications and it is attractive enough, it will find a home.

A home is where all little writers want to be.  They just have to work hard and build a good story.


One response to “Three Little Writers

  1. Fun revisioned fairy tale–and good reminder. I often send my stories off too quickly… thanks!

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