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Interview with Some Readers

on August 12, 2017

I’m here today with two ravenous readers.  Let’s see if they will give us their literature opinions.

Miss Williamson, what are you reading now?

“I’m currently reading The Rose and the Ring, by William Makepeace Zachary.”

What do you think of the story?

“It’s a great story full of romance and adventure and chaos.  Once you get into the story then you really get hooked on, and enjoy love, and live with the story.”

Great.  Is this your first time to read the book?

“No.  It is actually my second time and the second time seems to be a better time.  I recommend this book to people who enjoy a good romance and mystery story.”

Thank you for the excellent comments.  Now we have someone else who loves to read.

Welcome, Mr. Williamson.  May I ask you about your latest book adventure?


Okay, what book would you suggest our readers to check out?

Big Nate, by Lincoln Price.  It has a kid whose in school, and at home, and he likes being with his friends.”

What would you like to read next?

Dog Man, by Dave Pilkey.  It is a cop/dog.  And it has adventure and he finds some bad guys.”

That sounds super.

This has been awesome and I’d like to thank my guests for their reader opinions.




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