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The Heart of the Matter

on August 16, 2017

What matters, really?

Health, family, love, cheese enchiladas?  It’s beyond all of that.  Only one of those first four things is everlasting.  That’s love.

Now I’m not talking human love.  I’m talking the love of God toward us, the love of God back at Him, and the love He inspires in us about everything else.  That’s what is important.

We can’t even imagine everything about His love.  It’s perfect and eternal.  But we come to know it when we realize what He has done for all human beings.  He has given us an offer we dare not refuse.  Believe in His Son, that He paid the price of all our mistakes–sins–and we can be forgiven.  It’s done.  Over.  Gone.  We don’t even have to be sorry for what we did.  That would add nothing to His love.  With faith comes eternal life, with Him; no strings attached.  We don’t even have to say it twice or continue to believe it. Faith once is faith enough.  Now that’s love.

Knowing this, how can we not have love back and want to reflect that amazing love to others?  It’s a chain reaction that is bigger than anything else in the world.

That’s what matters.


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